about me

My name is Shenton Gregory (a.k.a. Shenzo Gregorio). I'm a full time touring musician.Periodically, I base myself for a small amount of time in a few of Australia’s most stunning locations: Sydney; Byron Bay; Brisbane; or Magnetic Island near Townsville. My main performance instruments are the violin or viola; however, I have added guitar, mandolin, uke, cavaquinho, bass, keys and percussion to that list. And I also do a bit of composing and musical directing. 

What sets me apart from other violinists is my ability to play the violin in multiple styles and performance modes. I am classically trained but have performed many different styles with a huge range of organisations, both in Australia and internationally. I started playing music when I was four years old and some 37 years later I'm still loving it. During my career, I've performed in some of the most renowned concerts halls in the world and some of the most remote places on the planet. For me, playing music at Carnegie Hall or around a campfire on a sheep station in the middle of Australia are one and the same.

While my schedule is a busy one and can be hectic at times, I'm available for lessons or recording sessions. Check out the Shows page to see my upcoming location and get in touch if I’m coming your way.